Sunday, November 6, 2011

Improve Your Life Today!

Hi!  And Welcome to Fashion Without Going Broke.  

My name is Natalie Lee.  I am Paparazzi Independent Consultant #2574 and my life has changed recently by finding this awesome company to be associated with!  Now I want to share it so others can benefit with me!!!   Whether you want to work full-time, part-time or just want some extra cash, I have found the answer.  Let me explain why Paparazzi Accessories rocks my family's world!

*Paparazzi Accessories is a company that sells afforable ($5) jewelry and accessories to the public through independent consultants. Paparazzi has just made their company into a direct sales company with a party plan platform that almost anyone can join.   Get in at the beginning (which is NOW), and build a downline and strong business.  You will be compensated VERY generously!

*Every item that I sell only costs $5!  That's it!  $5!  (Ok, there are little girl items that sell for $1.50-$3.00!) Women love this stuff.  They snatch it up as soon as they see it!  The product literally sells itself.  I just have to show it to women and say the price!    I have had parties where I have sold over $500 in jewelry in only 2 hours!  My neighbors come to my house, ask to see my jewelry, buy $45 worth, thank me for letting them shop and leave.
* The commission rate is 45%!  On every piece of jewelry that I sell, I make $2.25.  When I have a $500 party, I make $225 in only 3 hours of work (that includes set up and take down).  Do the math!  This is a no brainer!!!  When I do a small fair or booth and sell $800 in a day, I make almost $400!!!   I seriously make between $25-50 a hour when I have a Paparazzi party.   It pays so much better than my hourly job and it is so much more fun.

*Since Paparazzi is so new, there are very few consultants.  In some states, there are less than 5 consultants.  The state is yours to take by storm.   You have a couple hundred thousand females who want your product and NO competition!  Don't pass this opportunity up.   Think about if you would have been the first couple of people to join a famous make-up, kitchen wares or candle company.  Where would you be now?  THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!!!

*Because women love these accessories and jewelry and LOVE to pass on a great deal to their friends, they ask you to host open houses at their homes.   And at their parties, their friends want you to host an open house at their house and on and on!  There is no speech, no feelings of obligation, no pressure, no guilt.   Pull out your calendar and watch it fill up!!!

*It is hard to find great $5 gifts these days, but now that Paparazzi Accessories is out, gift giving just got much easier.   Join the team NOW so you can capitalize on the holidays.  Thanksgiving, CHRISTMAS, Valentine's and Mother's Day are all great holidays for selling jewelry.  Also, think about birthdays, anniversaries, teacher gifts, and thank yous!   Your house will be the most famous gift shop in town!  Men will come and ask you to pick jewelry out for their wives/girlfriends.

*Be a fashion consultant.   Give advice.  Help people become more beautiful by sharing your knowledge and experience with them.  Watch what a $5 piece of jewelry can do for a lady who feels sad, lonely or ugly!

*By becoming a Paparazzi consultant, you can wear the most fashionable accessories and jewelry everyday.   Rarely will you have to wear the same thing twice!    Styles and trends are always changing.  Be the most stylish lady in town with Paparazzi!

*Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, accomplished salesperson or business professional, Paparazzi is a good fit for you.   You can set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you want to work.   Have flexibility in your days and weeks as you plan your parties and strategies!

*Having a home business makes a lot of sense!   The tax deductions are outrageously amazing.  You will get so much more back in taxes if you have a home-based business like Paparazzi!

*The company and your upline are always holding contests and giving incentives for outstanding work.   Flat-screens, vacations, money, Free inventory could definitely make you a happy person!

*Make as much or as little money as you want.  There really is unlimited income potential. The harder and smarter you work, the more you make.  As you find places to show the product, you will sell it.  If you already have a retail business, you can add this to the store.  Take it to parties, fairs, boutiques, swap meets, schools, retirement centers, doctors offices, the park, anywhere there is women!!!!  The job is not to sell the accessories and jewelry,  it is just to have it be seen by women.  

So what is the difference between Paparazzi and other direct selling company?  I'll tell you!
1.  It appeals to every age of females.   There is jewelry and accessories for little girls, tweens, teens, young adults, adults, professionals, mom, grandmas and any other female!
2.  The product is NOT over priced!  (You can't find cute jewelry and accessories for $5 anywhere!!!)
3.  People of all socio-economic status can afford to buy this.   The "wealthy" can just afford to buy more of it.
4.  Customers do NOT have to order, pay shipping or wait for a shipment.  They take it home with them the night of the party.
5.  The product is always keeping up with the trends. New jewelry comes often.
6.  Impulse buying at its best!
7.  Repeat customers are created.  With every new outfit, gift given or other occasion, customers come back and want more.
8.  People are excited to come to these parties AND they invite their friends!
9.  People ask to host parties!!!!  Many want to become consultants!

Joining Paparazzi Accessories is easy.  There are a few ways to get started.  Everyone wants to know the cost.   Let me just say that at my first party, I sold OVER 100 items.  It is NOT hard to sell 50-100 items in one day.  You purchase a starter kit and start selling.    For only $300, you can start a business with HUGE potential.  Check out what comes in each kit!

Small Home Party Kit - Jewelry Only
100pcs of jewelry (no hair accessories), 50 sales bags, 25 display hooks, 25 party invitations, 25 receipts, 5 new consultant applications, 5 comp plan brochures, jewelry repair kit
P102  Small Home Party Starter Kit$300.00
100pcs inventory (70% jewelry, 30% hair accessories), 50 sales bags, 25 display hooks, 25 party invitations, 25 receipts, 5 new consultant applications, 5 comp plan brochures, jewelry repair kit
P103  Large Home Party Starter Kit$700.00
250pcs inventory (70% jewelry, 30% hair accessories), 150 sales bags, 75 display hooks, 75 party invitations, 75 receipts, 15 new consultant applications, 15 comp plan brochures, jewelry repair kit
P104  Boutique Starter Kit$1,400.00
500pcs inventory (60% jewelry, 40% hair accessories), 300 sales bags, 150 display hooks, 150 party invitations, 150 receipts, 15 new consultant applications, 15 comp plan brochures, jewelry repair kit. Qualifies for show rebate of $70.
P105  Small Event Starter Kit$2,750.00
1000pcs of inventory (60% jewelry, 40% hair accessories), 600 sales bags, 300 display hooks, 300 party invitations, 300 receipts, 15 new consultant applications, 15 comp plan brochures, jewelry repair kit. Qualifies for show rebate of $200.
P106  Enrollment Fee$40.00
Enrollment Fee (waived if purchasing a starter kit)

I recommend going with at least the $700 kit (especially with Christmas coming).  If you don't have that, then try the $300.  If that doesn't work for you, you can always pay $40 to join the company, but you don't get any inventory with it.  The best deal is to buy a kit  (it comes with free stuff!)

Read the compensation plan HERE.   I can explain it to you in greater detail over the phone!  My number is (208) 853-5585.   In addition to your party commissions, start receiving money from the people who join with you!  And then get money from the people they enroll and then who they enroll......

Want to know the Policies and Procedures?  I did!  I read them and loved what I saw.   I can use blogs, websites, facebook, social media and more to promote Paparazzi and my business!  There are so many reasons to love this company!

If you would like to see ALL the jewelry the companies carries at this time, I can walk you through a consultant website.   We just need to set up a time to talk on the phone (208) 853-5585.

One other thing provided for the people who join my team is a blog to support them.  Since most of the people who have joined my team do not live around me, I keep in touch with them via email and phone and my team posts pictures and ideas at   Here you can get ideas for displays, tips for making your business more profitable and ideas for growing your business.   My motto is "If you succeed, then I succeed."  Let me support you as you grow your business.  I will also invite you to a consultant facebook page that is very informational and helpful.

Of course you do!   Paparazzi has been fun and prosperous for my family and me  (and it has only been a couple of weeks!)   When you go to join HERE, make sure you enter #2574 as your sponsor so you can be on my team.  If you have more questions, I would LOVE to answer them.  Call me at (208) 853-5585 or send an email to   I'll get back with you very soon!